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Dear Parents/Guardians,


In order to provide a more consistent practice for dismissing students early for heat, the following guidelines will be used for the 2014-2015 school year. From August 21-29 we will be dismissing at 2:00 pm each day. This letter is to help give you information that may help you anticipate child care needs in the event that we dismiss earlier than usual for excessive heat.

 Should we encounter extremely hot weather at the start of the school year, we will dismiss even earlier than 2:00 pm if needed. There are various factors that contribute to the decision to dismiss early for heat. I take in consideration how classrooms heat up once children are in the building and the lack of air movement.  The Heat Index is a large factor in determining early dismissal. The Heat Index is a number that combines temperature and humidity in order to factor in its effect on people. Based upon information from the National Weather Service, once we reach a Heat Index reading of 93, we will dismiss school for the rest of the day.

 I will be responsible for checking the heat index reading during any day where heat could be an issue and determine whether an early dismissal needs to be called. Any early dismissals will be announced through the SchoolReach calling system and the local news media. Please note that state rules no longer allow the school superintendent to call for an early dismissal for heat the night before. The state board of education requires that the school day must be in session for the superintendent to dismiss because of heat.

 These guidelines we will be used for this coming school year. There may be other circumstances that may be factored in for a heat dismissal. For example, two years ago we had four consecutive days of close to 100 degree temperature readings followed by a fifth day in which the high was 88 degrees. We dismissed early on the fifth day because the elementary school buildings did not cool down in the evenings and excessive heat was trapped in the buildings causing the need for an early dismissal on the fifth day. This type of unusual circumstance would be a factor in an early dismissal.

 I hope that this information will be helpful to you as we begin a new school year.



Martin Cook, Superintendent 




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