High School Staff                                 Junior High Staff

  5th Grade Math and Computers - Kim Dormire
Barnett, James - Driver's Ed & PE 5th and 6th Grade Social Studies - Angie Altenhein
Eilers, Vicki - Computers 5th Grade Reading - Laura Meyer                          
Clevenger, Chris - Band and Chorus  
Dixon, Brad - History 6th Grade Math and Computers - Deb Walter 
Eaton, Pam - Art 5th and 6th Grade Science - Jesse Jones
Flachs, Andy - LDR 6th Grade Reading - Linda Aschemann 
Frese, Ronda - FACS and English  
Guthrie, Megan - English 5th and 6th Grade LDR - Samantha Farlow
Hasting, Jennifer - LDR 5th and 6th Grade PE - Aaron McDonald
Knorr, Sharon -  AG 5th and 6th Grade Music - Paige Mueller
Lebron, Peter - Spanish 5th through 8th Grade Band - Chris Clevenger 
Long, Matt - PE  5th through 8th Grade Cross-Cat - Casey Flesner 
  5th through 8th Grade PE - Tracy Rhea 
Obert, Emily - Science 7th and 8th Grade Art - Pam Eaton 
Reynolds, Andrew - History  7th and 8th Grade LDR - Teri Kestner 
Rhea, Casey - Math 7th and 8th Grade Careers - Jessica Dierker
Tracy Rhea - PE 7th and 8th Grade Ag - Sharon Knorr
Schmidt, Alicia - Science 7th and 8th Grade Science - Michael Bickerman
Beckman, Jody - Physical Science and Health 7th and 8th Grade Social Studies and History - Kasey Monroe
Spath, Natalie - English 7th Grade Health - Jody Beckman
Tenhouse, Jordan - Math  7th Grade Language Arts - Amanda Shoopman 
McDonald, Aaron - PE 8th Grade Language Arts - Dawn Weston 
Dellamaria, Michelle - PE  8th Grade Leadership and FACS - Ronda Frese
   7th Grade Math and 7th and 8th Grade PE - Amy Hildebrand  
  8th Grade Math and 8th Grade Computers- Lisa Litchfield  


Middle School Staff                                        Elementary Staff

3rd Grade - Audrey Odear                                                               Kindergarten - Janet Miller                                                                                                         
3rd Grade - Bobbi Salmons Kindergarten - Robin Meier
3rd Grade - Cindy Scheiter Kindergarten - Sindy DeRousse
4th Grade - Alison Dickhut 1st Grade - April Hoosier
4th Grade - Brooke Marquess 1st Grade - Stacie Anders
4th Grade - Carrie Schmidt 1st Grade - Ashley Zimmerman
Title 1 - Lorie Obert  2nd Grade - Tiffany Churchill
Music - Paige Mueller  2nd Grade - Julie Gille
LDR - Ashley Rhea 2nd Grade - Erica Eidson
PE - Jerry Albsmeyer   
PE - Aaron McDonald  
  Pre-K - Amy Buss
  Pre-K - Jennifer McClintock
  Resource - Galen Conkright
  PE - Jerry Albsmeyer 
  PE - Aaron McDonald
   Music - Paige Mueller