Online Registration

Helpful Hints and things to know

1. You must use your Parent Login not the student login. We are mailing parent login to all 8th Grade Students at this time (to participate in summer sports they have to be registered for High School) and will mail out to everyone with 4th Quarter Report Cards. If you would like to register sooner and do not know your login please email

2. HIGH SCHOOL - Schedules are still subject to change.

3. If you cannot get site to open properly, make sure you are allowing pop ups. You will probably see a message in top right of browser.

4. We are not registering PreK at this time or incoming Kindergartners....this would be for current year Kindergarten through 11th Grade.

5. At this time we do not have Book Fees set for next year so are only asking you to register through Parent Connect and not making Payments.

6. If you have any issues please email